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Whoring Out Obesity

Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, triglycerides, coronary artery disease, stroke and sleep apnea isn’t incentive enough for Americans to stay active. According to the CDC, obesity rates have risen “dramatically” over the last 20 years, with most states reporting rates of 25% or more in 2007. Bill Bryson once wrote that American culture has become so lazy that we drive a half-mile to use a gym treadmill. And he’s right: we even avoid activity when we exercise. We can blame television, video games, the Internet and junk-food diets for our expanding waistlines. But one company believes it found a solution — that the key lies in sexual innuendo. The laundry list of as-seen-on-TV products has never included a product so outlandish and disturbing than Flirty Girl Fitness, which recently begun penetrating (pun intended) television air space. The company is marketing a line of exercise products and DVDs that make Suzanne Somer’s Thighmaster look wholesome. The products include routines that encourage women, and young girls, to practice slutty dance routines with stage props like medicine balls and chairs. Hmmm, is that why Britney Spears looks so good? It also includes instructions forĀ pole dancing maneuvers that enable users to act out their wildest stripping fantasies. Why such products have reached the mainstream is beyond comprehension, and we’re in a sorry state if this is what it takes to stay fit. If a slew of health problems, mental well-being or self-confidence isn’t enough to inspire Americans to get off their ass, maybe the dream of being a whore will.


The Show Must Go On


It must be nice to be financially self-sufficient enough to CHOOSE to be unemployed for months. As a non-unionized writer, my sympathy is scarce. The Writers Guild of America strike’s crippling effect goes far beyond the detriment of the Golden Globe Awards, it is further saturating network TV with reality shows, placing some of the saddest excuses for humanity in our living rooms, by swapping spouses, holding pretentious cook-offs, or partaking in game shows with asinine plots. I know, I know: network TV programming is subpar to begin with…flooded with quirky hospital shows, far-fetched crime dramas and formulaic sitcoms driven by the mother-knows best wife at odds with her child-like husband. But I’m tired of seeing Johnny redneck, the pushy black broad, the token gay & Co. co-exist on prime-time TV. I’m on episode 15 of the Heroes: Season 1 DVDs; the networks have 9 episodes to get their act together. Until then, feel free to start making Monday night plans with me again.