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Tit for Tat

Is there anything social networking users do not share on the Web these days? Most of us have been guilty of indulgent Facebook status updates but now a group of mothers known as “Lactovists” are taking this newly gained exposure too far. A coalition of California moms is speaking out against Facebook after the company removed breast feeding photographs from their personal pages. According to KGO-TV, the social networking site typically permits such photos but removes those with fully exposed breasts. Beyond being a story of entitled mothers with too much time on their hands, this truly underscores the dying distinction between public versus private space. Some women now post videos of themselves giving birth on YouTube. Just how far are we from posting pics of ourselves on the potty? Probably sooner than you think. Maybe we’ll even start producing home-made sex tapes inspired by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. We applaud Facebook for exuding some authority over the integrity of their site and when the day comes that someone posts a breast feeding pic on MediaMyopic, we will certainly do the same.