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Third Time’s a Harm

Out of all the news in the world to report right now (the Bill Richardson investigation, conflict in Palestine, the economy etc.), the two biggest stories to break over the weekend was the death of John Travolta’s son and George H.W.’s pitch for another Bush White House. We ask the public this: What’s more alarming? The fact an ineffective one-term president and father of a son with approval ratings spriraling to historic lows has the audacity to suggest the family deserves a third try in getting it right. Or the mindless media, which feels that it is within their perview to report such a mundane, trivial and outrageous suggestion. From the family who brought you the failed policies of trickle-down economics, Desert Storm, ‘compassionate’ conservatism, Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind, deregulation, the Iraq War, voter tampering in Florida and a bevy of mispronounced words, we unenthusiastically present to the American people our 45th President: Jeb Bush. George, READ OUR LIPS: “No New Bush.”


The Death Of The Fourth Estate

For those of you, like myself, who have been skeptical of the soft Iraq war coverage of the last few years have had their worst fears confirmed. This week The New York Times revealed an extensive covert plot from the Pentagon that involved deploying close to 100 pseudo political ‘pundits’ with scripted pro-war propaganda aimed at controlling public opinion. And we’re not just talking about Fox News. The Times reports that these ‘pundits,’ or as the White House calls them, “message force multipliers,” infiltrated Fox, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC and MSNBC news programs. These pundits were recruited by the Bush Administration to disseminate misleading war information and false praises of the U.S. war effort. The result is Bush’s most duplicitous breach of public trust since taking office. Gone is the watchdog role of the media, the Fourth Estate designed to safeguard our democratic virtues and keep public officials honest. If this violation of federal law, which prohibits government sanctioned covert propaganda, doesn’t warrant impeachment, then clearly the system is broken. If you care about safeguarding the integrity of information flow, act now and tell Congress that this is unacceptable.

Coleman’s Global Warming Firestorm

Would you be surprised if someone told you the founder of the Weather Channel, a seasoned meteorologist himself, disparaged the evidence of global warming? Well, you should be. Weather Channel founder, John Coleman, has made a second career of criticizing the green movement over recent years but crossed the line this week when – speaking at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York – he suggested suing Al Gore over the work he’s done to bring the issue to the limelight. The Nobel Peace prize recipient, former vice president and winner of the 2000 U.S. presidency, has devoted his life to a cause that may affect all of mankind, and now a vocal minority of right-wingers hope to bring him down again with egregious accusations that spit in the face of science. It looks like Coleman is a businessman first, ‘scientist’ second. President Bush used to echo the same sentiments, accepting political rhetoric over scientific evidence. It should come as no surprise that both he and Coleman hail from the state no one is supposed to ‘mess’ with. On an issue that not only impacts human life, but the planet we exist on, let’s not fall into the trap of listening to another uninformed Texan.

Media Ignores Impeachment Initiatives

Talks are back on the table for a solid base of Democrats on Capitol Hill interested in putting an abrupt end to the eight years of chicanery known as the Bush-Cheney administration. But chances are you haven’t read anything about it. Mainstream media remains mum on the impeachment issue — an issue initially brought forth by Dennis Kucinich last spring. Perhaps it’s because do-nothing Pelosi fears the divisiveness of the matter. Wake up! The country has been polarized since the Civil War. Why pussyfoot around political issues that matter, simply to avoid discourse and debate? Manipulating the public to endorse a war unrelated to terrorism is far more detrimental to the country’s integrity than infidelity — a private matter that voting citizens should have never been exposed to. Where’s the Democrats’ version of Ken Star?