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Third Time’s a Harm

Out of all the news in the world to report right now (the Bill Richardson investigation, conflict in Palestine, the economy etc.), the two biggest stories to break over the weekend was the death of John Travolta’s son and George H.W.’s pitch for another Bush White House. We ask the public this: What’s more alarming? The fact an ineffective one-term president and father of a son with approval ratings spriraling to historic lows has the audacity to suggest the family deserves a third try in getting it right. Or the mindless media, which feels that it is within their perview to report such a mundane, trivial and outrageous suggestion. From the family who brought you the failed policies of trickle-down economics, Desert Storm, ‘compassionate’ conservatism, Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind, deregulation, the Iraq War, voter tampering in Florida and a bevy of mispronounced words, we unenthusiastically present to the American people our 45th President: Jeb Bush. George, READ OUR LIPS: “No New Bush.”


Tax Breaking the Bank

I must preface this post by crediting a friend of mine, Scott Hagerman, as the brainchild. He offered to write the rant himself but, like most liberals, lacked the follow through. Hagerman’s absolutely right when he says he smells a rat with Washington’s $160 billion stimulus package poised for approval in the Senate, after sailing through the House. I appreciate the $500-600 ‘tax rebate’ the plan provides me but I don’t appreciate politicians passing this under the guise of ailing a weak economy. It’s a pre-election bribe championed by none other than President Bush. Speaking at a New York real estate event earlier this week, Peter Linneman, chief economist at NAI Global, called the stimulus package political propaganda. “The tax rebates are laughable. First of all, they don’t even go to the people who pay taxes,” he continued. And he’s partially right – many of these rebates may fall in the hands of senior citizens and the unemployed, which I don’t have a problem with but renders the ‘tax rebate’ title inaccurate. Thank you Capitol Hill for contributing to my vacation fund but it’s not enough to buy my vote. In the words of Linneman: “I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican. I observe both parties as the scum that they are.”