Our Mission

In the spirit of Neil Postman, who once wrote that “no medium is excessively dangerous if its users understand what its dangers are,” MediaMyopic covers the subtle absurdities of modern American media and culture. It aims to expose agendas, biases and myths which serve both economic and political interests, in addition to providing rigorous commentary on today’s media environment and its cultural implications. MediaMyopic fosters progressive dialogue on media theory, criticism and culture, and serves as a catalyst for re-evaluating the status quo so tacitly preserved by the messages with which mainstream media inundates the masses.


4 responses to “Our Mission

  1. A very admirable mission. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the myriad media missteps… Keep up the great work!

  2. It would be nice if all people were educated in all the fields that impact us…especially if we only use 10 % of our brain, I mean what do we really know? & if we don’t know the truths about the media etc…especially when we are fed & led to believe the absolutely absurd info…expose, expose, expose…:)

  3. If only we could refrain from the constant barrage of media influences to consume.Thank you in for your work and continued success

  4. The ministry of media has misinformed the public ,ignored issues that need to be brought to attention,swayed the truth in favor of whoever pays the most and derailed public attention from events occurring that affect our daily lives.Id like them to simply report not put in their two cents.Id like to see more time given to real issues not front pages overlooking real news in favor of beach pictures of obamas vacation.id like to hear the news report what is really happening and not spending twenty minutes on where so and so got their hair done.

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