Under Our Skin

Lake Superior State University unveiled its 2009 “List of Banished Words,” which encompasses popular words or phrases of the year that were overused, used incorrectly or just plain annoying. MediaMyopic was pleased to learn of several cross words between Lake Superior’s list and our blog’s monthly survey on irritating presidential election catch phrases. We’d like to take the list one step further, introducing our own “Banished Peoples List,” featuring household names that should have remained in obscurity, infamous people of the year and those who we don’t ever need to hear from again. The list includes: Bristol Palin, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Rod Blagojevich, Bernard Madoff, Keith Olbermann, Plaxico Burress,  John Edwards, The Jonas Brothers, Mylie Cyrus, Amy Whinehouse, anonymous Iraqi shoe tosser, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Joe the Plumber, George W. Bush, Ashley Dupre, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, guy from the Mac versus PC ads, pregnant man Thomas Beatie, Kanye West, A. Rod., Fred Thompson,  Proposition 8 supporters (i.e. Mormons), Hurricane Gustav — and the person who comes up with these asinine storm names, Kathy Griffin, the cast of “High School Musical,” and every financial sector/Detroit automaker CEO. Let us know who we left out.


3 responses to “Under Our Skin

  1. I would add Chris Collinsworth for providing his on court coverage at the women’s gymnastics events in Beijing.

    Also, Dr. Gupta from CNN. Does this guy really know about every medical situation ever?

    Finally, Rev.’ s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Barack Obama just dated both of you. Please stop talking now.

    I’ll be back if I think of any others.

  2. thirdpartypirate

    Collinsworth is a good one! Can we add dead people to the list? Didnt jerry Falwell die this year?

  3. William Ayers and anyone else who ‘pals around with terrorists’

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