The Sad ‘Reality’ of NBC

Jeff Zucker

NBC's Jeff Zucker

Washed up celebs around the world should be on standby for their return to the limelight. Yes, that means you Dave Coulier. Speaking at the 36th annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference last week, NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker was anything but jovial about the network’s future. With few hit shows, declining ad revenue, and a desperate Jay Leno move, NBC seems to have taken a bare minimum approach to programming. No longer the network powerhouse of yesterday, Zucker offered a negative outlook on the future of network television. According to Zucker, NBC now relies on its portfolio of cable companies – Oxygen, MSNBC, USA, Bravo, etc. – to bring home the bucks. But do Zucker’s comments signal the beginning of the end for network television, or are they simply a stunt to exonerate himself from allowing CBS, ABC and Fox to out muscle the mighty Peacock? Let’s be honest: viewership is up; network television isn’t going anywhere. This talk signals nothing more than an indifference to program investment which will ultimately result in one thing: reality television – morning, noon and night.


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