The Wal-Mart Way

Blatant misuse of the color blue!

Blatant misuse of the color blue!

The automatic blanket raises (for simply having a pulse), obscenely generous benefits packages and overzealous lobbying is nothing short of disgusting: clearly the American concept of employers’ unions have run amuck. While unions, much like communism, are positive in theory, the negotiating tactics, pie-in-the-sky demands and overall political correctness that comes with such representation is rather sickening. But if anyone deserves a union, it’s the retail employees of Wal-Mart. Allegations of hiring special needs workers below minimum wage, poor working conditions (sometimes without breaks) and unrealistic costs of basic health coverage have dogged the reputation of the nation’s largest retailer, which has made an anti-union platform a top priority. Now the chain has mounted a campaign to rally its employees to vote Republican in the upcoming presidential election, since Obama supports the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation friendly to unionizing. Employees recently told The Wall Street Journal that store executives threatened that a vote for Obama could equate to massive store layoffs and costly union dues. Perhaps next time shoppers are at the check-out line, they’ll start requiring cashiers to ask them for $1 donations to McCain’s campaign, rather than the March of Dimes. Let’s be honest Wal-Mart. It’s high time you change the color of your vests from blue to red. Clearly, that’s where your politics lie.


One response to “The Wal-Mart Way

  1. Walmat has always been capitalistic… fact it remains perhaps the greatest example of capitalism that exists in America today. The fact that it feels threatened is a sign of changing times…I hope it openly voices its political aims to consumers as a very anti-consumer (worker, American) corporation and captialist empire. Empires have always been build upon the backs of the weak and the United States was founded under the principles of an egalitarian brotherhood that the Walmart has clearly lost touch with. Back to the larger point, when John McCain continues to espouse the “socialistic” qualities of Barack Obama, I ask “why not?” The American working class continues to suffer at the hands of corporate profit margins and financial institutions that popped their own balloons due to questionable lending habits. When Walmart becomes a lending institution and finds itself coming up short of bond payments and starts to default…its only a matter of time….watch Walmart become the king of paycheck advances and loans…..Walmart will be the same ones clammering for assistance from the Federal Government. So workers…unionize, unite now and demand protection.

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