Corruption Bully a Softy for ‘Cheap’ Sex

The anti-corruption bully of New York has proven, once again, that Democrats prefer sex scandals over fiscal scandals. Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Governor Eliot Spitzer admitted his involvement in an extensive prostitution ring. According to the New York Times, court documents name Spitzer in the Emperors Club VIP ring — a club that charges up to $5,500 an hour for its whores. The extent of his involvement, at this point, remains unclear. What politicians do in their private lives doesn’t concern me — and shouldn’t concern you — but this behavior is problematic, particularly in a presidential election year, because the right-wing spin doctors are standing by with their appeals of moral majority and family ‘values.’ Thankfully, Spitzer  isn’t running a presidential campaign but incidents like these only fuel the fire of the right.


4 responses to “Corruption Bully a Softy for ‘Cheap’ Sex

  1. thirdpartypirate

    I don’t care, as long as he’s not using taxpayers’ money to foot the bill for his $5500/hr lady friends.

  2. cautiousoptimist

    Absolutely pitiful. One more example of a so-called “public servant” satisfying his own needs while sacrificing the trust and faith of his public. When did the concept of change become merely meaningless blather from the mouths of power-hungry, arrogant leaders? Is anyone out there prepared to serve and not simply be serviced?!Today may be the day I correct my blog handle to read ‘disappointedpessimist’.

  3. You can’t say it’s only Democrats who like a sex scandal though… let’s look at Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, etc. etc. It’s just that Democrats realize no one gives a shit who you’re having sex with as long as, as ‘thirdpartypirate’ said, you’re not using tax payers’ money.

  4. I was so hoping that he was Republican, but alas, he is not. Politics in general has become so dishonnest. Let’s get another Roosevelt for this hard times. Clinton was on Morning Edition on NPR this morning and avoiding every question that Steve asked her. It was sad.

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