Media Ignores Impeachment Initiatives

Talks are back on the table for a solid base of Democrats on Capitol Hill interested in putting an abrupt end to the eight years of chicanery known as the Bush-Cheney administration. But chances are you haven’t read anything about it. Mainstream media remains mum on the impeachment issue — an issue initially brought forth by Dennis Kucinich last spring. Perhaps it’s because do-nothing Pelosi fears the divisiveness of the matter. Wake up! The country has been polarized since the Civil War. Why pussyfoot around political issues that matter, simply to avoid discourse and debate? Manipulating the public to endorse a war unrelated to terrorism is far more detrimental to the country’s integrity than infidelity — a private matter that voting citizens should have never been exposed to. Where’s the Democrats’ version of Ken Star?


2 responses to “Media Ignores Impeachment Initiatives

  1. We do live in a world of double standards. It’s okay that the vice-president goes around shooting peole in the face as well, but what if someone else does it?

  2. There’s too much money for “programs” in the military (and the intelligence) areas of government, particularly in the classified and secret programs that take in so much taxpayer money to the benefit of private contractors and get so little oversight from the committees that represent the people in Congress.

    Besides video games, how much of this cornucopia is funneled to covert information and media technology programs, such as the notorious war on the net?

    What are they doing in their secret efforts to “control” the earth’s electo-magnetic spectrum?

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