Another Clemens Curveball

Off the pitcher’s mound, Clemens’ curveball is sharper than ever. His smoke and mirror approach to steroid allegations is nothing short of media manipulation. The legendary pitcher seized the opportunity to use his testimony to frame himself as a victim in a Catch 22. His claim: He appears guilty if he fails to put up a fight, but castigated for an overzealous challenge of the charges. Meanwhile, his defense rests on ambiguity and vague ‘facts.’ If his story holds true, Andy Petit is either the most spiteful or the most confused man to walk the planet. But the batter isn’t swinging at this curveball. Waxman and company aren’t buying it and neither should the public — or MLB’s fan base. This is not the Shakespearian tragedy he’s crafted within the public eye. He’s just another overweight, overpaid ex-pro athlethe unwilling to admit he cut corners to get ahead in a game of dying American nostalgia. While the Mitchell Report is a detriment to one of our great pastimes, Clemens rhetorical propaganda is a detriment to the role model. Pitch us something we can believe.


4 responses to “Another Clemens Curveball

  1. I am not for a second defending Clemens, but why the heck was the federal government spending a second scrutinizing this? The country is burning down around us and they are holding hearings on a baseball controversy? If he was taking drugs illegally, then let applicable laws and prosecution cover that. Other than that, it’s an issue between him and MLB. When was the last time Congress held hearings on pop stars that are all hoped up on drugs all the time?

  2. i’m totally with you on clemens. i hope he goes to jail.

  3. thirdpartypirate

    Good point! Though i enjoy seeing Clemens squeal, fidget and sweat over this…MLB is a private league and this really should be a personnel matter — not a Congressional charade

  4. I think that is yet another attempt to engage in the “politics of diversion”. As long as poeple are talking about Clem, they are not talking about the war. The Republicans have been doing this all along. They can’t hide behind gay marriage anymore, appartently, so Congress has to have something else to block our view. I can’t believe that in the middle of a very costly war and a sinking economy, Congress is using their time to entertain this stuff.

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