Hooray for Yahoo!

Today Yahoo! announced that it will resist temptation, at least a little while longer, to relinquish its autonomy to the salivating Microsoft Corp; they rejected the software giant’s $40 billion plus bid to take control of the Internet company (and my favorite search engine). Speculated as merely a business move to solicit a higher bid by some, media critics are hoping the move staves off another example of media consolidation — this time from Redmond. Microsoft has an uncanny knack of stomping out the competition but media consolidation is not the way to rival Google, the Web’s leading search engine. What happened to the days where competing companies waged their own battles? Today, it’s sell, sell, sell, which unfortunately leads to consolidate, consolidate, consolidate, leaving a very sparse number of media voices. Perhaps Facebook is next on the Bill Gates’ agenda. After all, in the same year Rupert Murdoch snagged not only the Wall Street Journal but MySpace, too.


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