The Show Must Go On


It must be nice to be financially self-sufficient enough to CHOOSE to be unemployed for months. As a non-unionized writer, my sympathy is scarce. The Writers Guild of America strike’s crippling effect goes far beyond the detriment of the Golden Globe Awards, it is further saturating network TV with reality shows, placing some of the saddest excuses for humanity in our living rooms, by swapping spouses, holding pretentious cook-offs, or partaking in game shows with asinine plots. I know, I know: network TV programming is subpar to begin with…flooded with quirky hospital shows, far-fetched crime dramas and formulaic sitcoms driven by the mother-knows best wife at odds with her child-like husband. But I’m tired of seeing Johnny redneck, the pushy black broad, the token gay & Co. co-exist on prime-time TV. I’m on episode 15 of the Heroes: Season 1 DVDs; the networks have 9 episodes to get their act together. Until then, feel free to start making Monday night plans with me again.


One response to “The Show Must Go On

  1. Hi! I liked the article & decided you should come speak to my creative writing & english students…I’ve always appreciated the tone & style in which you write…but spell check?
    English teacher mode here: spouse not spouce unless spouce just isn’t in the dictionary I am looking in…(I spell words wrong all the time & believe me my students let me know immediately!)

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